Making an acoustic guitar is a difficult process. The number of operations involved
can be compared to the production of an exquisite automobile.


The beauty of the acoustic guitar may be
heard, seen and felt. Mastering this delicate
balance comes from knowing the feeling
of a good guitar,the construction of it and
demanding only the strictest quality of
workmanship. Guitar Master Martin Klema
brings harmony to these elements in order
to fulfill his mission of creating the most
beautiful, originally designed, and best
quality guitar for all players. He brings
his guitars to life!

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Who is
Martin Klema ?

He was born in 1976 in Ilava, Slovakia. He studied guitar production in Luby u Chebu with Master Pavel Jung, a member of the Czech Violin and Guitar Master Association.

He started making his own line of acoustic guitars at the beginning of the new Millennium. Since then, he has satisfied hundreds of guitar enthusiasts, who enjoy Klema guitars not only in Slovakia, but also abroad.

To make a good instrument is an art. As an artist, Martin’s passion is to share his beautiful instruments with the world, so that guitar enthusiasts on every level will appreciate the beauty and workmanship of a Klema guitar.


Although Martin’s path has been paved with many obstacles, he has persevered to preserve his dream. Through these challenges, Martin has gained invaluable experience, that has proven to further his commitment: To produce an instrument that can withstand even the strictest of criteria.

76 –  Born in Czechoslovakia

Martin Klema was born on October 23, 1976, in Ilava, Czechoslovakia. His father was a veterinarian, and his mother, an economist. As a 6-year old, he started taking guitar lessons. After completing primary school, he wanted to continue to study the guitar.

90 –  Years of Training

A plan was made for Martin to attend the Žilina Conservatory, a music school in Slovakia. Instead, Martin chose to study the production of guitars in Luby u Chebu, from 1990 to 1995. In 1991, Martin created his first hand-made guitar.

95 –  Beginnings of Own Production

After completing his studies, he continued to work in Cheb, where he participated in the mass production of violins, followed by his return to Slovakia, where he worked in the company PetSlov. It was there that he assisted in the production of cymbals. In 1996, he started his own company, with the first production of “KLEMA” guitars.

97 –  First Success

The first exposure for Klema Guitars was at the Music Fair in Frankfurt in 1997. By the year 2000, production had moved to a farm in Kameničany. Quickly the company grew with the addition of the first employee, Braňo Paulen. At this time, the monthly production was between 3 to 5 guitars.

05 –  Each Coin Has Two Sides

By 2005, the demand for a Klema guitar exceeded the capabilities of a small company. So, Martin began to look into the mass-production of his guitars. The dilemma, however, was how to maintain the highest level of quality that Klema Guitars had become known for. A factory was set up in China, where Martin traveled to extensively, in order to maintain quality control. This experience proved to be priceless to Martin, since this was the initial process for his first original series of guitars: The White Line.


Thanks to the interest of a Slovak entrepreneur, who recently relocated to the U.S., a partnership was born: Martin would continue to manage the quality control of the guitars, while his new partner would handle business and marketing matters. The plan was to introduce Klema Guitars to the States.

2012 was full of progress and increased production. With the addition of a new partner, Klema Guitars recieved a contract for hundreds of exclusive hand-made instruments, designed solely for the North American market: The Black Line Series. The total number of personnel, including external workers and part-time workers grew in order to implement this order! The first employees in the U.S. have already started working at their new offices in Bradenton, Florida.

In addition to The Black Line, the hand-made instruments manufactured in Slovakia, a mass production of more affordable guitars has begun: The White Line. Martin Klema provides the strictest of quality control over this series of guitars, which are produced in a factory in China. The first shipment has already arrived at the warehouse in Bradenton, Florida, and according to preliminary reports, all of the guitars are masterpieces!

For 2013, plans to host a large scale event are currently under-way, to formally introduce the Klema name to the guitar industry in the U.S. Already, the word has traveled through Facebook, and guitar enthusiasts are clamoring for a Klema guitar! The instant popularity has caused the consideration for increasing the production of The Black Line, to keep up with the demand of the savvy American consumer.

The goals for Klema Guitars are high and it will not be easy to achieve them. With any new venture, there are unexpected obstacles that will require sound solutions and quick decisions. However, no one knows this better than Martin Klema. Just a young boy with a passion for guitars and the commitment to produce a beautiful, high-quality instrument; is quickly becoming an intriguing success story, that anyone with a dream can be inspired by!

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